Getting started with meriSTEM

For teachers

If you’ve got a problem, please contact us. If it’s after hours, you can also check out the meriSTEM Teacher User Guide (access to registered teachers only) or go to our YouTube playlist for teachers.

For students

We recognise that learning new content in a video format can be challenging. To get started, chat with your teacher about your classes’ schedule for viewing the videos and submitting question responses. Then, dive right into the videos, watching, pausing and rewinding to give yourself time to make notes of the useful bits and check your understanding.
For plenty of other tips, see our Students page and YouTube playlist for students.


Resetting your password
Navigating the platform
A different problem

Resetting your password

There are two ways to access the password reset function for meriSTEM’s edX platform: from the sign-in screen, or the account settings when logged in. Please note that submitting your password incorrectly multiple times can result in an account lock out for security purposes, lasting approximately an hour, before you can action a password reset.

1a) Accessing the password reset from the sign-in page
From the sign-in page, click “Forgot password?”. This will load a page to enter the email address associated with your meriSTEM edX account. Click “Reset your password”. This action will send an email to the email address associated with your meriSTEM account.

1b) Accessing the password reset from your account settings
When logged in, click the downward arrow head, next to your account name, in the top right hand corner to open the menu. Click on “Account” to load the account settings page. On the account settings page, click “Reset your password”. This action will send an email to the email address associated with your meriSTEM account.

2) Follow the email prompt
Load the email inbox associated with your meriSTEM account and open the email titled “Password reset on meriSTEM Resources”. Ensure you check your junk mail folders for this email from ‘’. Click on the “Change my password” box.
If you do not receive an email, wait 10 minutes and repeat your password reset action. If an email is still not received, please contact the meriSTEM team via email ( from the email account associated with your meriSTEM account.

3) Enter your new password
A new window or tab will open. Enter your new password in the two text boxes provided and click “Reset my password” to confirm your password change.

4) Sign-in to your account
Your password has now been reset and you can sign-in to your meriSTEM edX account with your new password.

Not receiving emails from meriSTEM course site

The meriSTEM edX platform will send automated emails to students and teachers when enrolled into a course site. As these emails are in a plain text format and contain a link to your course site, some email clients will mark these emails as ‘Junk’.
We encourage students and teachers involved with meriSTEM course sites to check their junk email folders and add ‘’ to their safe sender list.

Navigating the meriSTEM platform

There are a range of features available on each video page of your meriSTEM course. The below image lays out the major navigational and assistance tools.

Parts of a meriSTEM page with arrows

Parts of a meriSTEM page

Who should I contact?

With all online platforms errors can be experienced. You may come across, page load issues, error images and requests to contact the meriSTEM team.

Students should contact their teachers first with any queries or any system errors experienced.

Teachers, please use our main email address ( and office phone (+61 2 6125 7011) to alert us to issues experienced by yourself or your students.