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meriSTEM is an initiative of The Australian National University.

Past sponsors include the Canberra Innovation Development Fund, the National Computational Infrastructure and the James N. Kirby Foundation.

Organisations we work with

For meriSTEM to continue to flourish, we work with an expanding group of like-minded organisations. Here’s a snapshot of some of the organisations across Australia with whom we’ve worked thus far.



ANU+ is a program that formally recognises the experiences and contributions achieved by ANU students through volunteering. ANU+ encourages university students to give back to the community, to develop skills related to their employability prospects and to reflect on their co-curricular experiences to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

meriSTEM is a recognised ANU+ volunteer host and contribute regularly to ANU+ networking events.



ClickView is a video learning application that allows teachers and students to access curated curriculum related video material to assist with their teaching and learning. Teachers can edit, annotate, share and upload their own video and related learning materials for use in class.

meriSTEM videos are available free on the ClickView Featured Channel list for all to access.



FreeSchool is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to help all children be their best. The FreeSchool platform provides video lessons aligned to the national curriculum to support what teachers do in the classroom.

meriSTEM videos are available¬†on FreeSchool –¬†search for ‚ÄúSenior‚ÄĚ year and ‚ÄúScience‚ÄĚ subjects.

Robogals Canberra

Robogals Canberra (Asia Pacific)Robogals Canberra is a student run non-profit organisation responsible for empowering the next generation of engineers. In particular they work to show young women the opportunities available to them in STEM fields and hope to close the gender gap to ultimately achieve gender equity. There are Robogals chapters at universities across North America, Canada, Australia, the UK, Philippines, Japan and Ireland.

meriSTEM and Robogals Canberra work together to promote opportunities to engage the next generation in STEM.

180 Degrees Consulting ANU

180 Degrees Consulting ANU

The ANU Branch of 180 Degrees Consulting (180DC) offers high-quality consulting services for socially conscious organisations through a membership base of university student consultants. The whole team donate their time to tackle several projects each semester and improve their professional skills with training from corporate firms.

meriSTEM has worked with 180DC to provide a review of our strategy and communication options.

Youth Leading in STEM

Youth Leading in STEM

Youth Leading in STEM (YLS) is a program that aims to give year 9 and 10 students from regional, disadvantaged, and/or low-SES, NSW and ACT schools a taste of STEM at the university level, exposing them to a wide range of subjects offered at The Australian National University.

meriSTEM works with Youth Leading in STEM to assist with¬†YLS’ program for teachers as part of their students‚Äô three-day visit to ANU campus.

 ANU Volunteering Society

ANU Volunteering society

The ANU Volunteering Society’s purpose is to serve as a bridge between students and local organisations, making it easy to give back to the community and develop great new skills in the process.

meriSTEM and the ANU Volunteering Society work together to share volunteer opportunities with the ANU community.

 ANU Fifty50

ANU fifty50Fifty50 is a student-led organisation which promotes gender equity in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) within the ANU. Fifty50 strives to close the gender gap in STEM, to ultimately achieve gender equity through a strengths-based approach that includes mentoring programs, increasing the visibility of role models, engaging the wider community in STEM gender equity, and advocating for policy change.

meriSTEM and Fifty50 work together to promote opportunities to engage with developing an equitable STEM pipeline.

STEM Industry School Partnerships

SISP logo

The STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education’s Learning Improvement Directorate. Through the collaboration of education with leading Australian companies, universities, government agencies and industry, the SISP program provides an educational model that engages students, inspires them to study STEM and prepares them for STEM careers.

Australian Academy of Science

Australian Academy of Science logo

The Australian Academy of Science provides independent, authoritative and influential scientific advice, promotes international scientific engagement, builds public awareness and understanding of science, and champions, celebrates and supports excellence in Australian science. The Academy provides education programs spanning science and mathematics for Australian schools from Foundation to Year 12, including ‚ÄėPrimary Connections‚Äô, ‚ÄėScience by Doing‚Äô, and ‚ÄėreSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry‚Äô.

meriSTEM works with the Academy to support a strong foundation in STEM teaching and learning in Australia.

ACT Education Directorate’s Academy of Future Skills

ACT Government Education logo

The ACT Education Directorate’s Academy of Future Skills is a team of specialist executive teachers who support individual teachers and schools in STEM education. With the aim of strengthening ACT public school teachers and providing a place where students love to learn, the team use a coaching model to plan and co-deliver rich, integrated STEM learning programs. Assistance from the team includes curriculum or pedagogical support, STEM or inquiry-based learning workshops, and borrowing their specialised equipment or classroom spaces.

meriSTEM works with the ACT Education Directorate’s Academy of Future Skills team to strengthen STEM education via workshops and sharing of opportunities.

CSIRO ON Prime program

CSIRO ON Prime program logo

ON Prime empowers Australian researchers to attract the resources they need to create impact. Purpose built for researchers, the ON Prime hands-on learning program provides researchers with the skills to take their projects and career forward by navigating the changing research landscape. ON Prime is a free national program open to researchers from Australian universities and public research organisations.

meriSTEM participated in the Spring 2019 edition of the CSIRO ON Prime program.


OpenCraft logo

OpenCraft is a host and contributor to the Open edX platform, an open source learning management system (LMS) used by organisations globally to facilitate online courses.

meriSTEM works with OpenCraft to provide the meriSTEM online learning platform free to high school students across Australia.

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